Top Email Marketing Strategies For 2022


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Top Email Marketing Strategies For 2022

While most marketers focus on paid social media campaigns, influencer marketing, and Google ads, email marketing is not anywhere. As an email marketer, if you want to get some fantastic results through your campaigns, you must learn advanced tactics and strategies for email marketing.


As many as 4.03 billion people used email in 2021, and those are the serious buyers compared to social media followers. The number is expected to rise 4.48 billion by 2024. Therefore, we should take email seriously as one of the primary marketing tools.


Many marketers consider email to be an outdated method of marketing. The fact is, mere social media marketing or paid campaigns is not enough to communicate with your prospects and bring actual results. Data shows that, on average, Generation Y spends 6.4 hours on email. Therefore, it is essential to invest in email marketing.


Below are some effective tactics and strategies to help you get initiated with email marketing:

Set Personalized Message

Customers love personalized and customized email messages that focus solely on them. Try to generate customized messages. You can use the customer’s name at the start. Use greeting messages. Try to portray a feeling that this email is especially for them.


Personalized messages give the best feelings to your potential customers and help you persuade them for marketing purposes, including leads and sales.


Avoid generalized targeting and messages. Today people receive a dozen marketing emails every time they open their inbox. Every brand is trying to send them emails about updates and promotions about the products. This is such a frustrating tactic. So making simple and accurate emails focused on the individuals can help you build loyal customers over the long term.


There are some tips for you to make your email meaningful:


  • Mention the reader’s name.
  • Start with an attractive headline.
  • Start with a greeting.
  • End with a king’s wish.
  • Mention your contact details at the end.
  • Keep the email concise.
  • Put only the important info.
  • Be genuine in every situation.

Create Your Email Mobile-Friendly

Today, 80% of internet users use mobile phones in their daily routine. You must craft your email design focused on mobile users because they have a high share in the market. Create mobile-friendly emails that fit their mobile screens.


Keep in mind that since mobile devices have a small screen, you need to use small-sized images. Large images on these devices are annoying because they cover most of the screens. Use beautiful fonts that are clear to view and read the messages. In addition to that, you can use small buttons.


Try to keep the content concise so the customers can easily read and understand it. You can use a call to action button. It is a great strategy to convince your customers to buy from you.


Make sure you do A/B testing before you can actually launch your email campaign. Mb

Here are some tips:

  • Use small-sized images that fit mobile screens.
  • Use fonts that are attractive and easy to read.
  • Mobile size is primarily tiny; therefore, keep your email size small.
  • Insert a call to action button at the end of the email.
  • Compose short subject lines: this is the best method for your user to understand quickly.

Pick The Right Time

Know when to send an email. Sending an email at the right time improves conversion rates. It is essential to send the message at the right time to your subscribers. Customers are already frustrated with so many marketing emails, and they take no time to ignore them. If they find your email in between other marketing emails, there is a higher chance that they would even delete it without reading it. Making it at the top of the inbox increases the chances of reading the email.


Following are some tips to apply while sending an email to your customers.


Firstly, try to read the insights through analytical tools that your customers use the internet at what time and day. When do they get some time to open emails? Send them emails while they are free and active. You can send an email during the morning office time, work break, commute hours, etc. This is the perfect and suitable time to catch their attention.


  • Study the behavior of customers
  • Send emails at the right time
  • The best time is to send in the morning office time
  • Try to make the top of the inbox

Automate Email Campaigns

It is very important to adopt automation in your email marketing campaigns. The Marketing automation tools can reduce your effort and help you run effective campaigns. They can help you schedule your emails for the whole week and month even. These tools work as an assistant for you, saving a lot of effort, time, and money.


Email automation is also helpful because the tools can send regular emails about new updates and discounts to update your customers regularly.

These are a few tips that will help your automated email strategy:

  • Schedule emails
  • Send automated discount emails
  • Study the customer’s behavior
  • Send automated follow-up emails
  • Try to trace the

Send a Follow-up Email

It’s always a good strategy to stay connected with your customers. Send a follow-up email with the changed subject line if the reader does not open your first massage. This will give you a chance to reach out to them again. Do these practices again. If the person doesn’t give you a response a third time, then they might not be interested in your email and move on.


Email marketing is one of the evergreen marketing tactics of the digital world. Proper use of email marketing can help you spread your product and services to many customers. Moreover, it helps you build loyal customers for the long term. The above strategies can help you boost email marketing while saving your effort, time, and money.



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