Top 7 Latest Digital Marketing Trends For 2022


The years of 2020 and 2021 have been nerve-racking for almost everybody on the face of the earth. Due to the pandemic, many people became financially unstable. And we witnessed a global economic crisis. 

However, digital platforms and means were a blessing in disguise. Due to the lockdown around the globe, brands paid more attention than ever to digital marketing. And believe it or not but the eCommerce industry has jumped to over $26.6 trillion



So with the boost digital marketing has got now, it has not only reached new heights. But it is also becoming impossible to grow a business without having a digital marketing strategy by your side. 

As the world is gradually coming back on track and gaining momentum, marketers are interested in strategizing marketing efforts for the upcoming years. 

Therefore, we have listed the top 7 latest digital marketing trends relevant for 2021. And will stay relevant for 2022 and 2023. 

Now, without further ado, let us get insight into the latest digital marketing trends. So dive in and read on. 

Marketing Automation 

With the changing times, more and more companies are automating business processes. And for all the right reasons. 

Monotonous tasks like emailing subscribers now and then or answering simple customer queries over and over again not only consume time. But it is also a waste of the value employees can provide to a business. 

This is where marketing automation jumps in. With the help of email automation or AI tools like chatbots, you can put a burden off your shoulders and use your saved time in other essential business processes. 

Moreover, you can also leverage marketing automation for:


  • Generating leads
  • Dealing with cart abandonment issue
  • Customer segmentation
  • Social media scheduling and responses



Gamification marketing is among new digital marketing trends that are becoming popular with every passing day. And we believe that in 2022, more companies will consider incorporating it into their marketing strategy. 

The concept of gamification marketing revolves around incorporating fun gaming elements into a nongaming context. Brands like Nike and M&Ms have been conducting gaming contests to receive better user engagement for years. 

Here are some of the famous brands that are using gamification marketing

Shoppable Social Media Posts

Pasting a link to your e-commerce website in your bio or running a swipe-up ad is all good and fine. But have you considered making shoppable posts on your social media accounts? 

Shoppable posts are the pictures that allow users to tap on the products and get related information like price, size, etc. 

Shoppable posts allow you to make your customer experience better and hassle-free. With shoppable posts, your customers will not have to navigate away from social media to find more about the product and buy it down the line. 

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, allow businesses to create shoppable posts through an integration. This enables brands to boost their sales directly from social media. 

Featured Snippets

When you type your query on a search engine like google, dozens of articles appear. More often than not, you choose one from the top and dive right into it for the solution. 

However, you might have come across a snippet on the top of the search engine that answers your query concisely. This is what we call a featured snippet. 

Now you might wonder if the audience is getting the answer to their problem without even clicking on the article, how would it benefit a business? Here is the catch! 

If your content is valuable and solves the audience’s problem, they are more likely to visit your website. All you need to do is to entice and make them click on your article. 

Now there are many ways to do that. One way to achieve that is by making your “How-To” blog list longer so that the snippet can not feature the whole information. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing trends. People with an already established fan base can be beyond beneficial for your business. 

Be it a celebrity, gamer, or social media content creator; they possess an audience that does not only trust what they say. But their fan base is also very loyal to them. 

Moreover, known brands like Adidas, Dunkin Donuts, Motorolla have been using influencer marketing for years now. 

So here lies a golden opportunity for your business to leverage influencer marketing as a business development tool.

To make the most out of influencer marketing, you do not always need to hire someone with millions of followers and subscribers. You can also opt for individuals with a growing but connected audience. 

Visual and Audio Search

We have stepped into the era where typing a query is no longer necessary for performing an internet search. Visual and audio search has become the new normal. 

Google Assistant, Siri, Lens by Pinterest, and Alexa, are some popular visual and audio assistant tools names that you might have come across. 

Also, the number of people using voice search has increased significantly in the year 2021. 

Apart from voice search, if you are wondering how you can your business turn camera into a search bar(leverage visual search), here’s how to do it:


  • Integrate image search into your online database
  • Ensure to have pictures sitemap to get discovered by SERPs
  • Make sure to add good quality pictures along with long-tail keywords
  • Do not forget to add alt text to your images
  • Market your business on Pinterest


User-Generated Content

The user-generated content is the content that the consumers of your services or products create. And guess what? This type of content will have no direct interference from your business. 

The UGC comes in several different types, such as:


  • First impression or review videos of your product
  • Reviews in the form of blog posts
  • Snapchat, Instagram, or Tik Tok stories of users with your product
  • Comments on your videos or blog posts
  • Discussion in QnA section 


If moderated correctly, user-generated content can do wonders for your business. It is often called word-of-mouth marketing, as this type of content enables non-users of your product to get a better insight into your product from the users themselves. 


As technology has gained the upper hand, the world of digital marketing is constantly changing. However, the digital marketing trends that we have mentioned in this blog will be helpful for your business for the upcoming years. 

You should sit back and understand each of these digital marketing trends. Why? Because they are not only essential to stay relevant in the modern marketplace. But they also play a vital role in the success of your business. 

We hope that you found the digital marketing trends that we have mentioned in this blog helpful. 

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