Top 18 SaaS Tools for Small Businesses and Start-Ups

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SaaS tools for small businesses and start-ups are essential. These feature-rich solutions enable accessibility, scalability and offer seamless integration. For small companies managing their expenses carefully, SaaS products also save time and reduce costs.

This article will cover some of the best SaaS tools for small businesses and start-ups categorized by the application. We will also talk about some other advantages of SaaS for small business development.

Document Management

Google DocsGoogle Docs is one of the most successful document management systems and an excellent SaaS tool for small businesses for creating presentations, building spreadsheets, and sharing them seamlessly with the entire team.

As an entirely cloud-based service, Google Docs is perfect for collaboration because everything is saved automatically to the cloud rather than stored on a computer.

Video Conferencing

  1. Zoom

When it comes to SaaS applications, apps that can support effortless video conferencing are a win. When sharing your screen with multiple people is a necessity, Zoom is the go-to software. For webinars and online meetings, this is one of the best SaaS tools.

  1. Google Meet

Google Meet is another popular video conferencing option for many start-ups and small companies. The entirely browser-based service is super-efficient for interaction with teammates and customers.

Marketing Software

  1. Google Analytics

It would be difficult to imagine a better SaaS tool for small businesses than Google Analytics. Aside from being one of the most efficient marketing tools, it is also free—a key feature highly appreciated by smaller companies in the beginning stages of brand development.

  1. SEMrush

This is a potent SEO tool that offers comprehensive insights. SEMrush can be used for keyword searches, backing analytics, conducting a site audit, and many other SEO-related tasks. It is an all-inclusive SaaS tool that any business can use to benefit.

Team Collaboration

  1. Slack

Slack is one of the best SaaS tools for communication and collaboration because it makes working together easy, even when remote. Individual channels, or message groups, can share files, images, and messages while working on a joint project.

  1. Facebook Workplace

If you want a UX that feels familiar, Facebook Workplace is an excellent SaaS tool for remote work. It supports groups, chats, live video broadcasting, and video calling.

Data Storage and File Sharing

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular data storage SaaS application with minimalistic design and seamless file-syncing abilities. While Dropbox offers a free version, it supports only 2GB of storage. Increased storage space requires a paid subscription.

  1. Google Drive

For a highly integrated SaaS solution, you might want to consider Google Drive. It blends well with other applications and platforms, as well as third-party products. Google Drive offers plenty of free storage (15GB) with the option to purchase more space as needed.

Project Management

  1. Trello

One of the advantages of using Trello as a SaaS application for your small business is its intuitive interface with simplified task management. Key features of Trello include boards, cards, and lists. You also have the benefit of advanced automation and scheduled commands.

  1. Asana

Asana is a feature-rich SaaS tool that offers a skillful free version. For project management tasks in smaller companies, Asana will keep track of who is responsible for what job. It provides flexibility for teams who need it. Asana also has many templates if you prefer a pre-designed and packaged system for project management.

Website Maintenance

  1. Squarespace

Even if you are only starting your business and have one employee, website building should be a priority. Squarespace is the go-to website SaaS tool for business. It operates by drag-and-drop, which makes the website building process fast and straightforward.

  1. WordPress

Nearly half of all the websites on the internet are hosted by WordPress, making it one of the most popular SaaS tools for any business. Numerous add-ons and features allow for complete customization as you build your brand and online presence.

Social Media Management

  1. Hootsuite

You might not think that a start-up or a small business needs social media software, but these practical tools have multiple benefits when applied strategically. You can use Hootsuite to schedule posts across various social media platforms and then analyze the traffic each post brings.

  1. Buffer

This SaaS application helps you pick the best time to post on your social media platforms. Your only job is to provide quality content. Buffer offers a free version that allows one account for each social media platform, plus ten posts.

Accounting and Payroll

  1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is completely cloud-based accounting software with a great interface and an excellent portfolio of features. It is primarily for small and medium-sized businesses, which helps by automatically completing specific tasks. QuickBooks can also calculate income, sales tax, cost of goods, and much more.

Customer Support

  1. Zendesk Chat

Customer support is essential for any business, especially start-ups and small companies. Live chats are an excellent SaaS tool, and Zendesk makes reaching the customer directly easy. You can use this tool to reply to customers on and offline.

  1. Acquire

When it comes to live chat software, Acquire is one of the best SaaS tools around. It offers instant multi-channel help to website visitors. Features include chat history, profile management, targeted messaging, and chatbot features.

Advantages of Using SaaS Tools for Small Businesses and Start-Ups

The ultimate goal of SaaS tools for small businesses is to improve operational efficiency. This will look different for every company and team.

Undoubtedly, there are many SaaS systems a business can rely on. Most of these systems offer free versions to test and see how well they perform in your team. Scaling up to a subscription may be the next step once you know the solutions deliver or grow out of the free version.

Start-ups and small businesses should have at least one tool in each of the above categories to ensure they have every necessary means at their disposal.

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