Sales Boosting Features of eCommerce Apps

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What are the sales-boosting features of e-commerce apps? Are you curious to find out? Dive In!

If you want to build a Mobile-friendly E-commerce app for your business, we have good news! You are planning to make the right move. 

Gone are the days when people used to spare their entire day for shopping. Now you can shop on your phone without leaving the comfort of your home. All thanks to the E-commerce apps!

Over the past decade, e-commerce apps have gained tremendous attention. These apps have the potential to attract millions of customers from all over the globe. It is a modern-day requirement for almost all kinds of businesses to have a mobile e-commerce app. Not only do E-commerce apps extend businesses by boosting sales. But these apps also provide ease of buying to the customers. 

If you want to build an e-commerce app for your business, you must know these essential features of e-commerce apps. Read On!

Easy Registration Process

This is the first and the most crucial factor that you should take into consideration. A registration process is probably the first thing that your user will see after installing your app. Your registration process should be as easy as possible. A quirky and complicated registration process might frustrate your user, and he/she may delete your app rather than completing registration. 

Ask for only relevant information such as email, phone, social login, etc. Then your e-commerce app should direct the user right to the shopping screen. 

Rather than asking for user registration initially, you can also set up the registration process before checkout. Further, you should also include an option in the app to save user information for future use. 

Push Notifications

Many e-commerce portals use the push notification feature. It enables companies to send information related to their business to customers. The information may include discounts, product launches, special offers, exclusive promotions, etc. This urgency of push notifications or calls to action gains the users’ attention and causes them to take prompt action. So in this way, it helps in boosting sales.

Encourage Customization

Customization is essential when it comes to mobile-friendly e-commerce apps. To incorporate a sterling shopping experience is no less than a challenge for an app developer. If your customers are satisfied with their shopping experience on your app, this is excellent news for you. 

When a user logs into an e-commerce app, the first things that he/she notices are:

  • Personalization
  • Smooth Navigation
  • Simple Shopping Experience

To build a substantial and potentially long-term relationship with customers, you should include vital customizable features. Customizable features of your e-commerce app must be in sync with user preferences and needs. This will enable your customers to have an engaging and interactive shopping experience. 

Messaging Based on User Location

Another sale boosting feature that e-commerce apps should have is messaging based on geographical locations. After storing customer information through the registration process, your app should select specific zip codes or estimate the customer’s country and send alerts accordingly. Nobody wants to send signals on particular products to people who cannot access them in their region. Therefore, to enable this process to happen seamlessly, you may have to spend a little more on your e-commerce app. 

Another decent way of optimizing this process of messaging is to send delayed messages. These messages should be delayed after a customer enters a specific(appropriate) geographical location. 

Comprehensive Feedback

E-commerce apps with a great review management system are likely to generate more sales. A sound reviews management system does not only enable users to post detailed reviews. But it also allows customers to gather product insights and speed up the decision-making process.

The process of sharing reviews on your e-commerce app or website must be simple, and the app/website must display the rating of every product prominently.

As customers can not check the product out physically, they heavily rely on ratings and reviews to buy the product. An unresponsive and poor reviews management system can be catastrophic for sales boosting. 

Live Chat

Do you know that you can increase your monthly sales by 20% if you incorporate a live chat feature in your app?

Further, customers can also benefit a lot from a live chat feature. For instance, if a customer is planning to buy a product but has doubts about it, he/she can quickly clear those doubts by using the live chat feature.

By adding a live chat feature in your app, you can reduce the number of products returned by users by up to 30%. 

Also, you can use chatbots to promptly answers simple questions of your customers. 

Credible and Authoritative Content

The content that you put on your e-commerce app must be crisp, reliable, short, credible, and, most importantly, authoritative. Avoid writing very long product descriptions to market. If you do so, the content will appear pushy, long-winded, and customers might lose interest. 

Provide short and concise information about the products without cluttering up the app. 

Do you know that customers prefer short and precise information as it appears dependable and convincing? So focus mainly on the USP of a product. 


Setting up e-commerce apps aims to generate revenue, and therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on what is working and what is not. Here the role of the analytics feature comes in. The analytics feature enables you to understand your customers’ buying patterns, geographical locations, behavior, and device usage. This data that you will gather through the analytics feature will help you make rich customer support, strategic changes, run special offers, etc. All of these things combined will lead you to the road of profitability. 

Payment Methods

If you list down must-have e-commerce app features, payment gateway methods will appear at the top. To make customers’ checkout experience smoother and increase sales, you need to offer multiple payment options. You should deploy payment methods like debit and credit cards, net banking, PalPal, First Data, PayFast, etc.

Quick Product Search

The product search on your e-commerce app must be accessible. If this will not be the case, customers will find it difficult to search for a product from your catalog. Further, your app should enable customers to choose products and add them to a wishlist or a shopping cart. To simplify the search for customers, you should also add filters for the price range, color, product features, size, etc. 

Discounts Planning Dashboard

Do you know what the lifeblood of e-commerce apps is? Promotions, special offers, and discounts!

Therefore, your e-commerce app should possess the functionality to create discounts, coupon codes, and run promotions. 

Once a customer has bought several products from your app, the app should activate a unique discount code. Further, you can also offer transferable gift cards. In this way, customers will stick with your brand, which will aid in increasing sales.

Have a Wish List Button!

A wish list button is a very critical feature of e-commerce apps. Many times, customers like a product, but they plan to buy it in the future. But how can they save this product for buying in the future? This is where the wish list comes in!

A wish list enables customers to add products that they do not want to buy right now, but they look forward to buying in the future. 

Further, a reminder to customers that what is on the wishlist would help you to boost sales. 

Easy Checkout 

Allow customers to breeze through an easy checkout process. Your app should not ask for additional information from the customer. Further, the app should process previous shipping addresses, payment methods, past updates of the profile, etc. If you do not make your customers wait for placing an order, they will prefer your app over any other e-commerce app. And that is what your goal is, Right?

Final Thoughts

With the increased use of mobile phones and the internet, e-commerce apps have become a key for companies. These days, everyone loves shopping on an e-commerce app. 

That being said, your goal should be to build an app that can provide a stellar shopping experience to the customers and boost sales at the same time.

With the help of the features mentioned above, you can achieve that goal.

We hope that this blog has served your purpose.

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