Repurpose Content for Content Marketing: Here Is How/Why?

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Are you finding it difficult to drive traffic to your website? Is your goal to build a solid customer base? Are you looking for ways to reuse old content for content marketing? If your answer to any of these questions is affirmative, then this blog is for you. 

Well, you are not the only one fighting this battle. In fact, generating leads is considered one of the biggest challenges of content marketing. But worry not because we have got you covered. In this blog, we will guide you on how and why you should repurpose content for content marketing. 

In this day and age, the growth of your business heavily depends on content marketing. And repurposing old content helps your business to grow without much hassle. So without wasting any more time, let us get started. 

Why Should You Repurpose Old Content? 

Content marketing does not help your business or website grow overnight(exceptions are always there). Instead, it takes time, sometimes years, to show results. Now, this is where repurposed content comes into the picture. 

Instead of creating unique content right from the start, you can use the existing content and repurpose it for multiple platforms and formats. Not only can you save your time and efforts this way. But it also serves well for content marketing. 

Ever since the concept of repurposing content has entered into the marketing realm, it has been changing marketing methods. 

You have made a new video and uploaded it on your Youtube channel, for instance. Now to get the most out of the content you have created, you can also convert it into a blog post. Similarly, you can repurpose the same content across different platforms. This is what content repurposing is, reviving and utilizing old content!

Repurposing content does not only save time and effort. But it also saves money that goes into creating content from scratch. 

Do you know that more than 58% of marketers reuse their content upto five times across different platforms? But when looking at the bigger picture, what benefits can you get by repurposing content? Let us look into it!

Helps In Building Your Brand Reach

Is your goal to increase the conversion and click-through rate of your website? Do you want to leverage sales and make your business grow? Whichever goal you have in your mind, building reach is essential in any case. 

When you first publish your newly created content, it is impossible to reach 100% of the audience. While there could be tons of similarities among your target audience, they might have different learning styles, however. This is where repurposed content helps. 

With repurposed content, you can also reach the audience that you were missing on. Not to mention that your content gets exposure, and you can target more people within your community who had not come across your content before. 

Saves Time And Efforts

Creating unique and new content from scratch takes hours of dedication. However, using repurposed content will save a significant amount of your time.

Just because you are not starting from zero, you can save more than half of your time and achieve the same results with the help of content marketing. 

Further, you can use this saved time on other areas of your business that need improvement.

Helps With Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO has become such an important part of modern content marketing that it is impossible to neglect it. In order to rank on search engines like google and reach a large group of audiences, your content needs to be optimized. And guess what? Repurposed content helps you with SEO also. 

Do you know that highly ranked google web pages have high engagement rates on social media platforms? Keeping this in mind, you can use your old ranked content, blog post, for instance, and repurpose it for different social media platforms. By doing this, you can help your content rank higher. 

So we hope that you have understood why repurposing old content is beneficial. Now it is time to jump onto the ways through which you can repurpose content. Keep on reading!

3 Convenient Ways To Repurpose Content

Repurpose Text Form Content Into Infographic

People usually pay more attention to visuals than text. And there is no doubt that visuals are more appealing and eye-catchy than text. 

In fact, marketers say that content having visual elements like high-quality images, videos receive up to 94% more views than the content having no visual elements. That is why using infographics is a great and easy way to repurpose content. 

Let us say that you have gathered some data related to electric cars and written a blog post around it. Now you can take that data and repurpose it into an infographic to reach more audiences quickly and effectively. 

Infographics are a great way to engage users and make your content go viral. Therefore, when it comes to content marketing, repurposing text content into infographics serves well. 

Create Engaging Slides(Presentation) Out Of Old Content

If you want to repurpose your old content and drive traffic from it, we suggest you turn it into an engaging presentation. 

An easy way to make a presentation is to take information from your old content and display it on good quality images. Further, create a slide deck by combining all the pictures and post them across different social media platforms. 

For content marketing purposes, you can also post your content on SlideShare to reach more viewers. 

Consider Writing A Guest Post

One of the great ways to drive more traffic to your site and build your audience is guest posting. Small businesses and brands use this technique quite often to promote their own business and website.

Rather than creating new content from the start, think about how you can repurpose existing content and use it for guest posting. The audience that will see your guest post will not be familiar with your content initially. Therefore, it is safe to use your old content and repurpose it for guest posting by making slight changes to it.

Moreover, try to repurpose content that is already performing or has performed well on your website. 

Final Thoughts

If you have created a sterling piece of content in the past and are looking for a way to somehow benefit from it again, then content repurposing is the way forward. 

Repurposed content not only aids in driving traffic to your website but also enables you to revive and utilize an old piece of content most efficiently. 

So if you are looking to market your content but finding it challenging to create something new from scratch, repurpose your old content and use it to your benefit! 

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