Lead Nurturing Importance and Top Strategies

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What are the best lead nurturing strategies?

Many companies are familiar with identifying new and unique business strategies, lead generation. And how to kickstart their journey. But to achieve something extraordinary, you as a business entity need to understand the process of lead nurture. Lead nurturing is essential for b2b success. By applying useful lead nurture strategies, you can stand out as the top market leader. 

This blog discusses why lead nurturing is essential for business and the top strategies to implement it. So let us get started! 

What is Lead Nurturing? 

Lead nurturing is a process of guiding potential customers or leads through the sales funnel at the right time. Lead nurturing focuses communication and marketing efforts on listening to the needs/queries of customers. And providing the answers or information they require. 

Why is Lead Nurturing Important in Business?

Do you know that 57% of marketers believe that lead nurturing is essential for their automation software?

When collecting more leads and scaling business every year, it is important to use automation resources for lead nurturing. With the help of lead nurturing, you stay connected with your audience at every step of the buying process. It has been observed that when a business/company focuses on lead nurturing, they tend to make up to 50% more sales. 

Do you know what it means? It means that focusing on nurturing leads is more lucrative than going for a hard sell.

Further, nurtured leads result in 47% larger purchases as compared to non-nurtured leads. So is it not something worth investing in? 

Now you know why you should include lead nurturing in your marketing and sales strategy. So it is time to dive into top marketing strategies of lead nurturing.

Top Lead Nurturing Strategies

If you want to retain your customers and build a long-term relationship with them, you should adopt these strategies. 

Here are the top 6 strategies that will help you achieve your target:

Create targeted content

If you want to create targeted content, the first step you need to take is to know your audience. Based on their preferences and needs, you may also want to segment your target audience. Segmenting your target market will give you an idea of what content fits which group among your audience. At this stage, the purpose of your content should be to help your customers identify their needs. This is an awareness stage, so educate your prospects, provide them value. And build trust. 

Once you have built trust among your prospects, now it is time to present your offers. Here and now, your content should let your customers decide what works best as per their needs. 

The last stage is persuasion, where you also need to highlight your competencies. In this phase, you should persuade your customers to take action as per your suggested offers. 

It is not guaranteed that every lead nurturing strategy will work for your niche or business type. If you try copying your competitors, the chances are that you might not achieve your goal. You can also get lost in the process. 

So the way forward is to familiarize yourself with your audience’s needs, know your market. And serve them what they want.

Personalized emails

Almost all lead nurturing tactics include email marketing campaigns. But not every email converts into a lead. How can you cope up with it? What is the solution to convert emails into leads? The answer is Personalized Emails! 

Below are the three primary reasons why you should use personalized emails in your lead nurturing strategy:

  • Increases engagement: By using personalized emails, you can increase your boost conversion and click-through rates. Further, every email you send to your target customers should offer a solution to their problem. 
  • Builds trust: Customers always buy from the company they value and trust the most. So with the help of personalized emails, you can build trust and a long-term relationship with your customers.
  • Guides customers through the sales funnel: Do you know what differentiates a good lead nurturing from an average one? It is the rate at which leads converts into paying customers. Personalized emails grab the attention of your leads and persuade them to take action.

Social media engagement

Whether you are a digital marketer or run a small business, your online availability means a lot. If you want to be ahead of the competition, you must engage your target audience through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

If executed appropriately, social media engagement can rapidly increase your conversion rate.

Your target audience will look at you as an industry leader. And you will be on top of their lists if they require products/services you offer next time. 

Content above all!

Do you know what the most crucial ingredient to all lead nurturing strategies is? Content it is! 

If you do not have a relevant and appropriate content strategy, then the chances are that you will gain nothing out of lead nurturing.

The most common way of attracting prospects to your business is to offer them free eBooks, whitepapers, etc. These E-books or whitepapers should contain information about your business, like what do you offer? Why should people choose your company over others? Etc. 

Leverage retargeting ads

Before implementing retargeting ads technique into your lead nurturing strategies, you should develop a retargeting campaign.

According to Facebook stats, retargeting ads are 76% more likely to convert when compared with old-display ads. 

Google and Facebook are two major tried and tested social media platforms to launch your retargeting ads campaign.

On Facebook, your ads will appear randomly in the newsfeed of your target audience. Whereas in Google, your ads will be displayed at the top of search listings. 

However, Facebook is more common among business owners and marketers. But we recommend you to test both and see which platform is best for you.

Stay active everywhere

Suppose you have incorporated every lead nurturing strategy that we have listed above. But you fail to share your contact details with prospects to reach you out, then we are sorry, you will not close any deal.

Plus, your conversion rate will also drop to a minimum, and your customers will feel frustrated. The same will happen by limiting your contact details to only a business landline or email. 

So, to engage with your target audience on a larger scale, you must provide several channels through which prospects can contact. 

You can specify which channel they should use for making an offer, asking questions, giving feedback, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Lead nurturing can not only play a vital role in your brand’s success. But it can also put you on the never-ending road of profitability. 

So if you are ready to embrace lead nurturing as an essential constituent of your marketing and sales tactics, it is now time to revolutionize your business process. 

So what are you waiting for? Try these strategies yourself and Succeed!

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