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Now that we have your attention, ask yourself, how does making consistent earnings (even
while you’re asleep) sound?

Welcome to SocialBots Base —


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Spread the good news and make money!

Earn 30% commissions from every paying customer you send our way. And, being that we
bill monthly, you’re looking at a continuous stream of passive income.

Start earning in 3 simple steps!

1. Get a referral link

We’ll provide you with a unique link you can direct referrals to.

2. Now share it!

Share the link on your blog or socials to attract potential referrals.

3. Earn money.

You will earn 30% of every purchase your referral makes.

Why SocialBots Base was created?

We’ve been super busy. You know, business stuff, client meetups, innovating, developing,
supporting businesses in their marketing. While we’re neck-deep in work, we need people
who can help bring us more business — people who have a heart for helping others find
their success, in turn, finding their own success.

So, we launched our very own affiliate program, SocialBots Base.
How it works is simple — you bring us customers, we pay you a commission. That way, we
can continue supporting and upscaling SocialBots to better serve the [_] businesses who
put their faith in us to power their marketing. And, you get to play a pivotal role in their
success while making consistent earnings without having to trade your time.
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