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Solution : (#368) The action attempted has been deemed abusive or is otherwise disallowed

The cause of a #368 error message from Facebook might be due to the following:

Your content may be flagged as spam by Facebook’s filter.

1. Your content may be flagged as spam by Facebook’s filter.
2. You have an attached link that is being blocked by Facebook.
3. You are sending messages too fast without setting a delay.
4. Too many people are marking your message as spam.
5. The error message from the subscriber(s) may be inactive from your Messenger for several
6. The subscriber(s) may have marked your message as spam in the past.

If the URL in the message has been flagged, you can try shortening the link and rescheduling the message.

This change was implemented because some people might be inactive from your page’s messenger for several days or they may have marked your previous message as spam which could cause this error message.  After 10 error messages, the campaign will be stopped and completed.

If this error does happen, go to Report and check the error message. If any user gave a #368 error and you think that it is not for content, but rather for inactivity or because that user previously marked it as spam, then unsubscribe from them so they will not be included in future campaigns.

You can either re-start the campaign from where it stopped or to edit the content of the campaign in Report.

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