Five Ways To Get Your Customer To Say Yes


Buying and selling have become a complementary part of our daily life. We work as a seller or buyer each passing minute. Buying is easy, but selling is a bit technical. To sell something, one must have good persuasive skills. You cannot force anyone to buy your product, but you can get your customer to say yes. One can sell any idea, any service, any product, or even any thought.

Businesses usually sell a service or a product. We know that the main goal of any business is to enhance its sales to get higher revenues. And to fulfill this aim, a business must have a higher number of customers who come back to buy from you over again. They should also respond positively to your product or service.

To be responsive means the customers must say yes to the product you are offering. Making your customers say yes, however, is a challenge in itself. There are a lot of ideas and strategies to build happy customers.

We are here with few important tips that would help you make your customers say yes to the value proposition you are offering. Following are the ways get your customer to say yes.

1.   Know your product and customers

Before anything else, you must know what you are selling. You must know your customer from every perspective. You should know them inside out. Be ready for every kind of question from your customers.

Another method is market research. Try to find out what your target market is looking for? What problem is your target market facing? What features does the current market product lack? Then try to solve the problem with a product that fulfills customers’ requirements. You must analyze where your product lies in the market. Once you launch your product, analyze the faults in your product to bring improvements in your offerings.

Another way of knowing your product is understanding your competitors. First, know who is competing for your product, then use your competitors’ product at least once. This will make all the differences clear. It will give you the capability to bring enhancement and improvement to your product and services. So once you know the product, it would be easy for you to persuade your customers.

Customer research is the key.

In addition to your product, customer research is essential as well. Targeting the right market is very important for any business. You can use different platforms for getting ideas about your customers. You can use social media to study insights.

Before selling any product, decide who will be your customers. You must know what you are selling and to whom you are selling. For example, a large segment of your customers will be on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and many other platforms. So once you come to know who your customer will be, it would be easy for you to get a yes from them for your product.

2.   Build a high-quality product

Clearly, understanding the customer’s requirements helps you build a quality product. Nothing matters more than the quality of your product or services. Regardless of any price range, your customers will always be ready to say yes to your product if it’s high-quality.

Take the example of the Apple iPhone. Every year Apple releases a new version of the iPhone, yet millions of people pre-ordered before the manufacture. This is how customers care about you when you give them something worth more than what they pay.

A no-compromise policy

Businesses that provide quality-driven products always influence the customers more than others. They even make fewer marketing efforts and yet get more customers and revenue. That’s why a no-compromise policy on quality is essential.

Moreover, give heed to their problems and needs. This will build a better image of you in the customers’ minds, and they will love to say yes to your product. If your customers respect you, then they will never reject your offer.

3.   Referral Marketing

One of the best ways to reach out to your target market is referral marketing. This type of marketing is more effective as compared to other traditional methods. We always purchase things that our peers have referred. Don’t we?

With a great product or service, make sure to spread the message fast. You can include your existing customers in this campaign. Give rewards and bonuses and ask them to spread your message with their friends and family.

Referral marketing is one of the powerful ways of marketing today. This strategy will bring a large number of loyal customers. Many new customers can say yes to your product or services due to their friends or family recommendation.

4.    Scarcity marketing

Use scarcity marketing methods because customers value those products which are rare. We have observed in many advertisements that businesses give limited-time offers. This is done to create a craze among the customers for the product. And this forces the customers to buy that product because scary products are given a higher value.

So, make a limited-time offer call to your customers then you will see how enthusiastically they will say yes to your offerings. Make your products scarce by telling your customers that your inventory is going to end. This will push your customers to buy your product.

Every business has some specialty. Because each has its value proposition, so if you want to hear a yes from your customers, then stay focused on your specialty. Along with this, stay focused on your offerings. Try to bring specialization in your services and products. Give a feeling of specialty to your customers so that they would you a yes in return.

5.   Consistent feedback from customers

One of the best marketing strategies is to collect feedback from your customers actively. And improve the quality of the product regularly. Your customer is the best advisor to tell you how well you are doing and what you miss.

Once you know your customer’s thoughts about the product, you can update/change it accordingly. It provides a good impression on your customers. Moreover, it saves your time, effort, and money by helping you build the right product.

Always involve your customers in what you are making by regularly getting their feedback, suggestions, and recommendations. Moreover, convert these suggestions into a much-improved version of your product. This helps customers to trust the brand and regularly interact positively. With this approach, you can sell more and earn more.


To conclude, every business needs customers who are responsive to your product. It would help if you used different ways to persuade your customers. Many tactics can help you get loyal customers for a long time. The first and most important step is to know what you are creating and whom you will sell. Having a quality product always gives you benefits way better than your competitors. People love products/services that add value to their living.

You can use some of the marketing tactics to persuade your customers. Regularly Gathering feedback can help you understand the customer’s wants and needs to build a better product. Moreover, you can offer rewards for referral marketing to involve your existing customers in your marketing campaign.

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