E-commerce Website Design: 6 Elements To Consider

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Feeling confused? Do you not know what to consider while designing an e-commerce website? Dive in! If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you have landed on the right page.

What will we cover in this blog?


  • Appealing design
  • Easy navigation
  • Compelling visuals
  • Hassle-free check out process 
  • Useful product descriptions
  • Smartphone Friendliness



Ecommerce has become a trillion-dollar industry over the past few decades. It has revolutionized the way shopping is done globally. 

Buying and selling products and services are now at our fingertips. Is it not amazing?

With the massive change that Ecommerce has brought, most people now prefer online shopping over the conventional way, after the Covid-19 pandemic for the most part. 

So Keeping the consumer demand in mind, more and more companies are looking forward to establishing an e-commerce site. 

So whether you are a complete newbie stepping into this trillion-dollar industry or you want to improve your existing e-commerce website, here are six essential elements that you must consider. Stick with us and read on!

Appealing Design

Do you know that 38% of people are likely to bounce away if they find the web design unappealing?

When customers enter a shop, what is the first thing they are likely to notice? Of course, the design of your store, right? 

The same is the case with a virtual store. When customers visit an e-commerce website, they pay great attention to the design. But if you lack in this domain, you will make your visitors bounce away, let alone convert them and generate sales. 

So whatever you want your customers to see first, no matter if it is a new and exclusive product or a discount coupon, make sure to design it appealingly.  

Your homepage design should depict professionalism. The design of your site should convey a message that you are the industry leader. 

To achieve a minimalistic yet appealing design, go with a decent color scheme. Also, make sure to choose elegant typography to engage the audience. 

Concise Navigation

We know that a lot of blood, sweat, and money goes into bringing traffic to your e-commerce site. And if the products or services are not easy to find on your virtual store, then your bounce rate will elevate. Not to mention you will find it hard to generate sales. 

And there is no point in making an e-commerce website that does not convert, right? 

So to prevent all of your money and efforts from going into vain, ensure to design an e-commerce website that provides easy navigation. 

The navigation on your store should enable customers to find products and services without any hassle. Having good navigation can work wonders when it comes to generating sales and improving customer experience. 

Some of the navigation improvement tips are:


  • Place your main navigation menu on the top of your e-commerce website or the left or right corner. 
  • Label your products and make categories. For instance, if you sell mobile phones, label the phones with their brand names and categorize them based on their specs and prices. 
  • To provide ease to the customers, try adding a search bar on the top of your e-commerce website.


Compelling Visuals(High-Quality Images)

It may sound cliche, but the reality is that a picture indeed speaks a thousand words, especially when we talk about e-commerce websites. 

In physical stores, customers can touch and see the products as they are. Since the same is not the case with virtual stores, you have the option to upload high-quality images of the products.  

Pictures do not only speak for your products. But they also play a vital role in persuading customers to buy, provided that the products and their images are of good quality. 

For instance, if you run a clothing line and want to make an e-commerce website to display your clothing articles, cover every angle of the products. 

One picture for each product will not do the job. So consider taking multiple pictures of each product from different angles. 

Also, you can use 360° technology as it allows customers to view an image from every angle. 

Hassle-Free Payment And Check Out Process

No matter how good the navigation or design or your e-commerce website is, if your payment portal or check-out process is not user-friendly, you will find it hard to convert leads into paying clients. 

Therefore, to close deals successfully, make sure to keep your check-out process as simple as possible. Guide your customers efficiently throughout the sales funnel. 

Also, to provide ease to your visitors, offer several payment methods. 

Offering multiple payment methods will make the transaction process easier for both you and your customers. 

Moreover, if you want repeat business from your customers, provide them with an option to make a user account in your store. This will aid in saving customers time if they like to make any purchase down the line. 

Useful Product Descriptions

Believe it or not, but the magic of words is essential to persuade customers.  

Displaying high-quality images on your e-commerce website will do half of your job. But to describe the qualities of your products and convince customers to buy, you need to jot down helpful product descriptions. 

When someone likes a product, they want to know how that product can be helpful for them. A good description can help with this by conveying the value of a product efficiently. Not only that, but a well-written description can also keep your visitors hooked for longer.  

So to depict what value your products can offer and their features, writing useful product descriptions becomes essential.

Smartphone Friendliness

Are you aware that more than 50% of users visit websites on smartphones? And most of the time, sales also happen through this handheld device. So should you not pay attention to making your e-commerce website smartphone-friendly? We reckon you must!

There is a huge difference when it comes to viewing a site through mobile. The buttons, text, visual content, and the whole layout might seem different. While it may not seem essential, not having your website optimized for smartphones can be a constraint in earning revenue.

You do not want that, so consider making your site mobile-friendly.

Making your e-commerce website smartphone-friendly means optimizing it so that the visitors can conveniently access all the features, offerings, and discounts without any hassle. 

All Set To Design Your E-commerce Website?

Having an attractive e-commerce website can serve as a lead magnet for your e-commerce business. But attractiveness alone is not enough to generate revenue. You need to provide your customer a hassle-free shopping experience at the same time. 

Allureness and a great shopping experience combined can take your e-commerce business to the next level. 

So to attract visitors and improve their experience on your e-commerce website, incorporate the aforementioned essential elements. 

Are you curious to find out what you should do before starting an e-commerce business? Give this blog a read.


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