Chatbot Marketing: Pros and Cons

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The advancement in science, especially in AI, has led to a rise in chatbots. The growth of chatbots has been so rapid that Facebook added more than 300k chatbots to their messenger in the last two years. 

Back in the day, it was difficult for companies to manage the queries of thousands of customers at once. Therefore, customer service teams were essential to answer questions and solve the problems of customers. But it is not the case anymore as chatbots are also doing this job worldwide efficiently. 

Well, at this point, you might be thinking that it will be an excellent idea to incorporate chatbots into your business. However, before investing in this tech, you should make yourself aware of the pros and cons of chatbots. 

So without further ado, let us take a closer look at what these chatbots have to offer and where they lack. 

Pros of Chatbots

Chatbots do not get tired!

Unlike humans, chatbots do not get tired. The best thing about chatbots is that they will be available around the clock for your customers.

They are designed to answer promptly without wasting any time. So no matter if it is day or night, chatbots have got your customers covered.

Customers want their problems to be solved as quickly as possible. But sometimes, it becomes difficult for human customer support to respond rapidly. As a result, companies with bad customer support service teams lose their customers. 

However, with chatbots, 24/7 availability is guaranteed. 

They offer numerous applications

You can use a chatbot in many ways and for several different purposes. Chatbots were introduced for social messaging and web chat windows. Websites use chatbots to:

  • Provide rapid answers to customers
  • Resolve queries and register complaints 
  • Display instructions 

But now, the usage of chatbots has expanded. These days companies use chatbots to process bills, schedule appointments, deliver information, etc. 

Chatbots save money

A chatbot saves you from paying wages to the customer support team every month. They provide 24/7 service, which is simply what human employees cannot. However, chatbots may require a large investment of money initially. But consider it as a one-time investment. In the long run, chatbots do not only save you money. But they also save time that the customer support team spends answering simple questions.

Increases sales

Through a chatbot, you can provide immediate support to your potential customers. When your customers’ issues are resolved immediately, they may end up taking your desired action as well. This means an increase in your lead generation, which will consequently result in more sales. 

You can also use chatbots for the marketing of your products and sending out updates to your consumers. This personalized way of marketing can undoubtedly increase your sales.

Chatbots can gather customer insights

Using chatbots to interact with your customers means that you can gather valuable data from them. It may include customer’s problems, preferences, activities, and much more.

You can use this gathered data to find common problems and understand what info your customers look for. Based on this, you can solve the problems of your customers by providing them their desired information.

When your brand is more likely to solve customer’s problems, they prefer to stick with your brand. 

Cons of Chatbots

Inability to understand emotions

Chatbots are nothing but codes; hence, they cannot understand human emotions. They fail to understand that the customer they are talking with is sad, happy, or frustrated. This inability of chatbots to understand human emotions may harm the reputation of your brand/company. 

To reduce the possibility of such events, you must use chatbots that allow customer support agents to take over the conversation.

Require maintenance

You need to maintain and optimize chatbots frequently to ensure that they are providing the right information. With the change in your business priorities and user demand, you will need to update your chatbots accordingly. 

Further, chatbots can only handle a limited amount of data. So if you plan to edit or update the data, keep in mind that there can be disruptions in the chatbot model. In short, chatbots require careful and frequent maintenance to ensure that you do not end up creating holes in the model.

Chatbots can misunderstand

One of the biggest disadvantages of chatbots is that they can misunderstand if the customer’s question is specific. Chatbots can only answer questions stored in their database. If the customer asks a question that is not in their database, they may provide the wrong information. This can harm the image of the brand or company. 

Complex and confusing

There is no doubt that chatbot tech has come a long way. But despite the advancement in chatbot tech, chatbots are still complex to deal with.

Sometimes they fail morosely to provide customers the information they are looking for. And when they fail to answer a query, it results in making the user frustrated. 


The potential of a chatbot is exceptional. However, relying on a chatbot or not, in the end, is your decision. If you understand your business’s nature and think that chatbots are a valid option, then go ahead. But if you feel that chatbots might end up embarrassing you as a business entity at some point in time, then drop the idea. 

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