Chatbot Examples: 6 Brands That Are Nailing It

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Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed a drastic increase in the number of chatbots. Almost every business these days is integrating chatbots to level up their marketing game and provide prompt customer service. 



The growth of chatbots has been so rapid that Facebook added more than 300k chatbots to their messenger in the last two years.

From ordering food to booking a vacation spot, chatbots are operating in every business industry. 

But here and now, a question might pop up in your mind: Why are chatbots so popular that almost every brand is using them? 

Well, it is because the stats depict that chatbots can solve customer queries in seconds, decrease bounce rate, and generate new leads. 

So if you are also aiming to integrate a chatbot as a marketing tool in your business but are ambiguous whether to give it a go or not, we have some chatbot examples of brands that can help motivate you to make the decision. Jump right in!

Whole Foods

The claim to fame of the Whole Foods chatbot is that it enables customers to find recipes and food products in no time. It allows users to browse through the food market and order food of their choice. 

Apart from food recommendations, this chatbot also makes it easier for the users to visit the Whole Foods site and discover other tremendous options such as food delivery. 

On top of everything, this chatbot converse with the users in a personalized manner. It means that the users can go beyond the words and search for recipes and food recommendations with the help of emojis. Amazing, right?


KIA is a car-making brand and operates in a relatively complex industry. However, they have managed to pull a tremendous messenger chatbot that provides helpful cars information to their users. 

Their chatbot “Kian” talks with over 115,000 users every week and has more than a 21% rate of conversion. Not only that but, KIA has also experienced 3x times better conversions with the help of this chatbot as compared to their site. 

The best thing about this bot from KIA is that it never forgets the user it has talked with. It captures customers’ needs and saves them in its database to help the company fuel marketing efforts. 

Moreover, Kian also helps users locate KIA customer stores, assists them by providing multiple payment methods, and gives them tips to overcome vehicle breakdown issues. 

It is by far one of the best chatbot examples you will see in the car industry. 


Although the travel industry is quite a saturated one, Hipmunk has come up with an amazing chatbot that helps people book hotels, cars, and flights to travel hassle-free. 

This chatbot identifies where the users are traveling and provides them incredible travel deals according to their travel destination. 

Moreover, the bot from Hipmunk is extremely user-friendly and uses language that shows as if a real human customer agent is conversing. 

In this way, it engages a great number of customers with Hipmunk, consequently increasing their sales. 

Imagine how convenient it is to plan your whole trip with your loved ones in minutes by just talking to a bot. Fascinating, is it not?


Learning a new language, especially when you are grown up, is not as easy as it seems. Ask someone who is taking a language course in your circle. But with the Duolingo chatbot, practicing a language is easier than ever. 

Duolingo is a famous language learning platform that makes it easier for its users to learn and practice a language in a fun way. 

This Duolingo chatbot helps enhance the users’ conversational skills and reduces their fear of speaking a particular language in front of its native speakers. 

It has some built-in characters that you can opt to represent yourself and chat with a bot. 

All in all, the chatbot is a lifesaver for people who find it hard to practice a new language and achieve fluency in it. 


GoPro is a famous tech company known for producing quality portable cameras for a variety of users. And guess what? Their chatbot is impeccable too. 

The bot helps confused users to identify their needs and buy the camera as per their requirements. It asks a series of questions from the user, and according to the answers, it suggests the best GoPros in the market. 

It is among one of the unique chatbot examples because it provides recommendations with the help of amazing gifs. Not to mention this chatbot goes an extra mile and captures the attention of its users through engaging GoPro videos. 

The users get to see the quality of the products due to the videos and gifs that the bot showcases. It also aids users greatly in making their buying decision. 


There are lots of chatbot examples in the food industry, but Dominos chatbot seems to lead the pack. It is a simple chatbot with not-so-over-the-top functionalities. Still, it is the best in the food business. 

Dom, the Dominos chatbot, has completely transformed the way people order pizza. Your favorite pizza is only a text away from you. All thanks to the amazing Dom! 

Upon hitting up this interactive chatbot on messenger, the users can access the entire restaurant menu. And order food of their choice in no time.

Further, not only this chatbot enables customers to track their orders. But it also saves every order in its database and allows customers to re-order deals. 

Wrapping Up!

Chatbot tech has changed the way companies interact with customers. With prompt replies and around-the-clock availability, they are transforming the tedious messaging process. 

Not only are chatbots the need of the hour, but they are also the future of marketing

These chatbot examples might have given you an idea of how much impact a chatbot can have in making your business grow. 

So are you inspired by these chatbot examples? Do you want to devise one for your business too? What are you waiting for? Start leveraging automation in the form of a chatbot now!

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