Anatomy of Driving Sales Through Digital Marketing Efforts

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The struggle of driving sales through digital marketing is as real as the struggles of getting sales through direct response marketing. However, your struggles pay you back when you follow the right methods and techniques.

In this article, we will highlight the strategies to get sales through digital marketing. They are similar to the methods followed in direct response marketing because the target audience is the same, and their buying habits are the same. However, their implementation is on digital platforms.

Offers! – Key to Driving Sales

We, as consumers, love offers and discounts. If an item costs $100, but there is a 30% discount on it and now costs $70, then the chances of buying it increase. It is human psychology. Buying an item worth $100 for just $70 makes them feel good. It is the store owner’s job to make the consumers feel happy about their purchase.
Not only cash discounts, but you can also give an add-on. BOGO – Buy One Get One Free offer gives the consumers two items at the price of one.

If not BOGO, you can put a threshold on the bill amount and then discount. For example, give a $50 discount on the minimum purchase of $500. If somebody has bought items worth $450, they will buy something for $50 more to get that discount. This increases your sales.

Once you decide the price margin, follow the below methods for driving sales.

Run a social media ad campaign about the offers: Make your ad content strong, add videos or images to make it visually appealing. Observe the ad response for a week, and pour money into the platform to get the maximum responses.

social media ad example

HelloFresh Ad on Facebook with offer of 8 free meals

Run a Google ad campaign mentioning the offers: Choose the keywords carefully, add negative keywords, assign the daily budget and observe how the campaign performs. Tweak the budget toward best-performing ads for maximum ROI. Choose the text and images meeting the Google guidelines to make the ad more interactive.

Google Ad example
Google Ad Results placed on top of organic results

Put a huge banner of the offer on your website: Have an enticing tagline on the banner, but a Call To Action button to allow people to take the desired action. ‘Shop Now’ is an excellent option to put as CTA text.

Website banner example
Top banner on the website highlighting the offer or new launch

Remind your website visitors of the limited-time offer through Exit-Intent Popup: When a user moves the mouse cursor outside the website to close the window, a pop-up appears. You can use that popup to remind the website visitor about your offer. This is a backup strategy just in case your web pages fail to impress the website visitors.

exit intent popup example
Offer mentioned in the exit popup

If you have an email list of potential customers, definitely mail them: Choose CRM software such as HubSpot or MailChimp to send offer emails to more than 1000 consumers at once. Driving sales through emails is a no-brainer.

email ad example
An offer email sent to the targeted customers

In the case of phone numbers, reach out to them: You can send text messages to the masses. If there is a coupon code involved in the offer, notify about it in the message.

sms marketing for driving sales
An offer SMS mentioning the discount and the urgency

Run an in-app ad: You will find many mobile applications directly or indirectly in sync with your products. Run in-app ads there.

in-app ad for driving sales

An example of an in-app ad

Free Trial or Demo Version of the Product

This is for the SaaS products that run on a subscription model. Give a free trial of the software for a limited period. Physical products such as deodorants have their samples/testers available on the aisle’s shelf to experience the fragrance before making the purchase. Similarly, giving a free trial of your SaaS product gives the user an idea about the software to make an informed decision about the purchase.

Free Trial or Demo for driving sales

FreshBooks offering 30-day Free Trial

The guessing game does not work in digital marketing. The ad budget and the audience for the ad, the best text for CTA, and the button placement, among other decisions, are based on the analytic results and your SEO reports. SEO is indeed the first step in getting sales through digital marketing efforts.

Content Marketing

Content is the fuel on which all the digital marketing campaigns run. Whether it is a social media marketing campaign, SEO campaign, email marketing campaign, every module you work on needs content to drive it.

The major content portions that can drive sales are as follows.


Blog posts are a great way to get new targeted traffic to your website. Consumers love to read informative stuff about the product. So, the content should be of high quality that engages the audience and offers something new. You can insert your promotional plug at the bottom of the blog. Share the blogs across social media channels. If people love your blog, they will visit again to read more stuff.

Social media channels

Social Media platforms have realized the importance of eCommerce; that is why they directly offer a special ‘buy now’ or ‘visit store’ button on the pages to purchase from social media platforms. It is a great way to get customers to write the right words to entice the page audience. A well-maintained social media profile and the page give good vibes to the visitors. Along with this, share the content on your social media pages that users can share further. This increases your reach. Include videos and pictures, along with text in social media posts.

Landing pages

Landing pages for specific products/services work well if you follow the right methods of building the landing page and writing content. Keep all the information above the webpage fold. Allow the users to scroll only if more information is required. However, keep the content of a landing page crisp. The content should be enough to give an insight into what is on the other side of the page. Have a form on the page with minimum required fields. Choose the appropriate CTA button.


This works if you have a digital product. You might share your product’s insights, industry reports, trends, or a how-to guide to using the software to its full potential. To market that ebook, you can prepare a landing page for it and then promote it through Google Adwords. These give you sales indirectly. Once people download the ebook or subscribe to you, you can approach them through email marketing. It is a strong data collection tool. Prepared once, it can fetch you data for months.

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