6 Pinterest Hacks That Can Make Your Business Flourish 

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What are the most effective Pinterest hacks for your business? How can you increase your ROI on the platform? How can you leverage Pinterest hacks to grow your business? 

If you have these kinds of questions in your mind, then congrats, you have landed on the right page for the answers. 



Effective Pinterest hacks are not easy to come by. Therefore, we have researched and listed some of the best Pinterest hacks that you will learn in detail today. 

We are going to shed light on six proven ways that can make your business flourish on Pinterest. So without any more Jibber Jabber, let us get into it. 

Incorporate the Right Keywords

The targeted words that you see anywhere on the internet, from blog posts to social media platforms, do not appear by mere accident. Almost everything is targeted to be viewed by the maximum number of people.

And guess what? Pinterest, being a visual search engine, is no different.  

Incorporating the right keywords plays a crucial role in ranking your pins and displaying them in front of the audience. In order to choose the right keywords, you first need to research your target audience. 

It means that you should get insight into what your audience is looking for on Pinterest. After understanding the search intent of your target market, you need to find out the keywords they are searching for and use them in your pins, description, hashtags, and title to appear in their search results.

The more people can see you, the better engagement you will receive. 

Learn From Your Competition

Your competitors should be a source of inspiration and ideas for your business, especially if they are already established on the platform.  

Dive into their Pinterest profiles and find out what strategies they are implementing to promote their business. 

You can learn a lot by figuring out how your competitors engage with the audience and use content to get their message across. 

Moreover, by finding out and using the right tactics, you will be able to attract more pinners to your business.

However, make sure not to copy the content that your competitors are posting on their Pinterest profiles. Your goal should be to learn the dynamics and take inspiration. 

Conduct Giveaways or Run Contests

What is the best way to engage customers and make them listen to what you have to say? Of course, by giving away something for free. 

Running a contest or conducting promotional giveaways on Pinterest is a proven method to create a buzz around your business. A well-thought contest is an investment that generates high returns. Not to mention it also helps you capture tons of new leads for your brand. 

Let us consider that you own a furniture brand. And your goal is to promote your business offering among the target pinners. What you can do is run a creativity-driven contest and encourage pinners to pin some(5 or 10) of the most beautiful furniture sets from your brand. You can then pick up some lucky winners and give them a luxury bed or a sofa. 

By running such a contest, not only will you be able to generate massive engagement. But it will also be beneficial for your sales growth in the longer run. 

Use Other Social Channels To Promote Your Pinterest

If you already have an audience on other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, it is great news for your Pinterest. 

However, most of your followers on those platforms might not even have an idea about your Pinterest profile. Is it not the case? 

So it is time to increase your Pinterest profile reach by promoting it on other social channels where you have already built a loyal follower base. 

If your followers are happy with your products, services, or the kind of content you post, they are highly likely to connect with you on Pinterest too. 

Make sure to promote your Pinterest among your followers on other platforms by explaining what unique content they can expect from you on Pinterest.

Stay Consistent On Pinterest

The key to growing your business on Pinterest or any other platform is consistency. If you fail to stay consistent, the odds are that you will find it challenging to flourish. 

That is why setting up a pinning schedule is hugely vital. 

Pinning around the clock enables you to build a steady stream of content for your audience. It also allows you to create a loyal community of your own on the platform. 

However, if you want to automate pinning, you can use tools like Tailwind. With the help of Tailwind, you can make your pinning schedule and set a particular time you want your pins posted on Pinterest. 

Once you start seeing results of being consistent, the sky will be the limit.

Mention Your Pinterest in Your Newsletter

Are you leveraging email marketing? Do you send a weekly or monthly email newsletter to your subscribers? If yes, then here lies an excellent opportunity for you to promote your Pinterest. 

Besides sharing details about your brand, latest trends, news, and information in your email newsletter, make sure to ask your subscribers to follow your brand on Pinterest to get access to more exclusive content. 

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can go beyond displaying a mere icon for promotion. 

You can also highlight your popular boards or individual pins in your newsletter to capture the attention of your subscribers and persuade them to follow. 

Are You Ready To Implement These Pinterest Hacks?

Pinterest is becoming a vital part of overall business marketing strategy as marketers have started realizing the true potential of Pinterest. 

So if you also want to join the race, make sure to use these six tips and tricks to your advantage for witnessing rapid growth on Pinterest.

We hope that the Pinterest hacks mentioned in this blog will help you take your business to the next level. 

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