6 Essential Marketing Goals for Your eCommerce Store

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Are you wondering what the essential marketing goals that you must have for an ecommerce business are? Then, you are at the right place for the answer! So stick through and read on!

As the consumer demand for online services and goods is increasing at a rapid pace, more and more companies are looking forward to making use of technology to serve their needs.

Over the past decade or so, ecommerce stores have gained the tremendous attention of the masses. And this has everything to do with the ease of buying they provide. Even two decades back, nobody would have thought that this would be the future of commerce. But gladly, here we are!

But what good can it do to your sales if your ecommerce store has little to no user engagement? That is why having marketing goals for your ecommerce store is essential. So without more jibber-jabber, let us get straight into it. 

Optimize Pages Of Your Website For Search Engines

As search engines like Google are becoming more and more user’s search intent oriented, investing in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is also becoming essential.

SEO optimization of your website pages will help your website rank on search engines. And it will also help your store to appear in relevant searches, enabling users to find your store and shop from it. 

Having the right optimizations in place will not only help your product pages to appear on search engines. But it will also fulfill the needs of the audience, provided that your products or services offer them value. And when the audience finds your products/services useful, they will probably end up buying from your store, which means increased engagement and business for you. 

Leverage Sales Through Cross And Upselling

Upselling and cross-selling are the selling techniques that many companies utilize to boost their sales. If you do not understand what upselling and cross-selling techniques are, let us walk you through them. 

Suppose a company, let us say apple, is offering you an iPhone 12 with a 10% discount instead of offering the older version of the iPhone, which is the iPhone 11 in this case. This is what we call the upselling method in which companies try to sell the expensive version of the product. 

On the other hand, we have a cross-selling method in which companies suggest to customers some other products that go hand in hand with the product that they are already buying or have bought. 

You can see the cross-selling method into action when you get recommended products similar to the one you are already buying, let us say mobile phone covers while buying a mobile. 

Both of these techniques are extremely powerful and can help you significantly in leveraging your sales. 

Deal With The Issue of Cart Abandonment And Try To Reduce Them

Do you know that 97% of the visitors online do not utilize their carts and bounce away? That being the reason, you need to figure out why users tend not to stick and use carts. 

For starters, begin with finding why buyers are not completing their transactions on your ecommerce store. The reasons could be:

  • You may have a complicated checkout process
  • You have lackluster content on your website
  • The payment methods may be limited.
  • Your website design is outdated.

But like we have said, to deal with these issues, you need to figure out what is stopping shoppers from completing the buying process in the first place. 

You can then display logos or badges on your product pages, modify your web design, improve the content on your site, offer multiple payment methods like Paypal, Google pay, etc. 

By fixing this cart abandonment issue, you can give a new life to your ecommerce store. 

Pay Attention To Building Customer Loyalty

Having long-term old clients is way better and far less expensive than pitching to the new ones time and time again. Therefore, brands constantly look for ways to retain their customers, which seems impossible without a customer loyalty program.

Rewarding your customers goes way beyond boosting your sales. It can help your brand grow rapidly and build your brand awareness. 

In order to reward your customer, you can offer them exclusive deals, discounts on their purchases, gifts, complimentary items, etc. 

When you make customers happy, they tend to market your brand in their circle, which results in increased business. So is it not a win-win? 

Gather Leads With The Help Of Signup Forms

There will always be people who will visit the store but end up buying nothing. These kinds of visitors need a little extra push or nurturing, for that matter. And this is where you need to bring signup forms in. 

By utilizing signup forms, not only can you collect information regarding your visitors/customers. But you can also use the collected data to persuade your leads. The information may include their email addresses, their phone numbers, date of birth, etc. 

People who will be filling out your signup forms will be basically permitting you to update them on the latest news regarding your business or perhaps to contact them. Therefore, you must keep your email sequences ready, and you should have a system in place that sends them right away. 

Generate Leads Through Social Media

Online shopping is the new normal, especially after the proliferation of the COVID-19 pandemic. But having an online store is of no use if you are bad at maintaining the online presence. Therefore, brands use multiple social media channels to maintain their online presence and capture new leads.

There are social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, to name a few. But if you are into the ecommerce business, the best place to have your brand’s presence is Instagram. 

Being a business-friendly social media platform, Instagram provides tons of features for the sellers to market their products. For instance, it allows sellers to incorporate their products behind pictures, making it easier for buyers to see the product’s price, name, and size right away. 

Like Instagram, you can also use Pinterest or Facebook to generate more leads and increase your business. However, before doing that, make sure that you and your target audience are on the same page. It means that you should run a check about which social media platform your target audience uses and then develop a marketing strategy based on that information.

Final Words!

Implementing the right marketing strategy can take your e-commerce store to the skies. But how would you implement any marketing strategy without having the right marketing goals and being clear in your head? There is no way you can! 

That being the reason, we have penned down these marketing goals for you. Having these essential marketing goals by your side, you will be able to make your business flourish.

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