6 Best Video Marketing Examples From Leading Brands


If you want to get inspired by some of the most mind-blowing marketing videos, then you are reading the right blog post. Dive into these 6 video marketing examples and figure out what made them viral.



The most effective marketing method was to connect with the audience by penning down inspiring stories, thought-provoking ideas, and real-life incidents. But only until videos came into existence. 

It is not that written words have lost their magic, or they do not help in conversion anymore. They still perform well. But the digital audience is more inclined towards well-curated video content, given their decreased attention span

Since the digitalization boom, many companies have produced exceptional videos that did only inspired the audience. But those videos also fulfilled the marketing goals and hit the numbers. 

Moreover, according to a survey conducted in 2018, More than 50% of the consumers said that they prefer to watch videos from a brand they like over other types of content.  

So to fuel your company’s video marketing campaign and to inspire your efforts, we have put together a list of the six best video marketing examples from brands that are doing it right. 

Now without wasting any more time, let us get started. 

Unlikely Animal Friends by Google Andriod

The Andriod took a relatively different approach and featured animals of different kinds having fun together. 

The brand message of diversity in this ad is quite inspiring yet simple enough that everybody could exist together happily despite being different from each other. 

The soulful background score, the cute animals, playing together, and everything else about this ad evokes the audience’s interest while connecting with them emotionally. That is why it is among one of the most shared marketing videos of all time. 

This ad by Andriod did not feature any of their products, yet they successfully got their brand message “Be together, not the same” across. It shows us that it actually works better when you center your video around the story rather than the sale. 

What Most Schools Do Not Teach by Code.org

Code.org is a non-profit organization that believes that computer science is the future and everybody must learn it. And no wonder their ad conveys the same message.

From Mark Zuckerberg to Bill gates, this code.org ad features tech leaders of the current era. It is centered around their humble beggings and how they started coding. The idea is to inspire the youth that they all have to start from somewhere, and you do not have to be a genius to code. 

This ad is a great example of influencer marketing and how beneficial it can motivate the audience or promote a cause. 

So with the help of inspiring words of tech leaders, code.org received millions of eyeballs and achieved what it wanted to achieve(educate the audience).  

Dollar Shave Club

Videos that directly feature a brand’s product are in abundance—and frankly speaking, such videos hardly engage the audience, let alone persuade them to buy. 

Unless these types of videos are a treat to watch like this ad, they do not convert. Or in other words, you must tell an out and out interesting story to make such an ad successful.

Dollar shave achieved that by adding a flavor of humor to relatable situations while also mentioning their product. Mike is the main guy that is promoting the blade product and making all the jokes. 

Within the 48 hours of making their ad public, Dollar shave club received more than 12,000 orders. It shows that you do not need to go over the top to create a successful ad. Instead, you need to effectively address the audience’s pain point by using the right content and marketing strategy. 

Wheels by Canadian Tire

Wheels ad by Canadian Tire is one of the best video marketing examples you will ever come across. This ad went public during the summer 2016 Olympics. It immediately got viral as it contains an emotional aspect to it. 

The concept of this ad is unique, which is hard to come by these days. It features a boy in a wheelchair who can not perform daily activities conveniently like playing basketball. 

A boy of his age notices him. He then invents a wheelchair basketball game to make him play with his friends and feel good.  

This beautiful representation done by Canadian Tire supported the Canadian Olympic team to make people sympathize with them. Along with that, it also marketed the tire brand subtly without raising the roof. 

25,915 Days by Reebok

Being a promotional ad for the campaign #HonourYourDays, the message it promotes is exceptionally moving and powerful.  

The 25,915 number in the title of this ad is the average number of days a human lives. And Reebok wants people to utilize all these days to explore their bodies’ true potential while pushing their limits continuously. 

This ad shows a reverse transition of a woman’s association with running. As the ad starts, the audience sees a woman in her late 50s running a Spartan race sponsored by Reebok, followed by a sequence where she was middle-aged and again running in a competition. And this reverse transition goes back to the day she came into existence. 

All these sequences at every point in her life also mentioned the approximate remaining days of her life. 

It was a great attempt by Reebok to spread their brand mission and change the preconceived notion of the masses that fitness is a thing of youth. 

This ad silently conveys to the audience that Reebok has got them covered when it comes to their athletic gear needs. 

Some Waits For You At Home by Budweiser

The audience is more interested in dealing with the brands that strive to make this world better. And with this ad, Budweiser has won the hearts of many people by spreading out a positive message: Do not drink and drive.

The main characters of this ad are a dog and its owner. As the ad begins, the owner leaves his house with his friends and some beers, telling his dog that he will be back sooner. But the time passes, and he does not show up. 

The man shows up the next day. He then explains to his dog that he drank much the other night and chose not to drive home. This scene left the audience thinking about how a small decision can significantly impact our lives and could hurt not only us. But our loved ones too. 

What Did You Learn From These Video Marketing Examples?

Inspiration, emotion, humor, and all such elements that can hook the audience and convince them to take action are the elements that will help you in making viral video content. 

The video marketing examples discussed above prove that you do not need to have a big budget to make your content go viral. All you need is the right approach, strategy, and ideas to connect with the audience. Once you achieve that, the sky is the limit. 

These video marketing examples teach us that content is, after all, king. And a brand video can achieve virality without extravagant bells and whistles. 

So did you learn something from these video marketing examples? Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

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