5 Ways Email Automation Can Boost Your Sales

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Email automation is a powerful marketing strategy that can boost sales and take your business to the next level. Are you struggling to convert leads? Use the proven strategies below to increase sales from email marketing. Paying specific attention to each subscriber does not have to be time-consuming. Email automation allows you to give each subscriber the needed attention. 

Furthermore, you can automate personalization, which is responsible for 75% of generated revenue. Combining automation and personalization ensures each email has the best chance of keeping the subscriber engaged and leading to a sale. 

1. Behavior Response Emails

Start by creating behavior response emails. This scalable strategy allows you to create the template email once and enjoy the functionality long-term. Here are the most popular behavior response emails:

Cart Abandonment: With so many distractions online, it is no wonder that the average cart abandonment rate is 68.8%.Online shoppers are prone to exiting in the middle of the checkout process. Sending emails to remind customers of their shopping cart increases the conversion rate. You can nudge shoppers back in the direction of their shopping cart by offering a discount or sharing that items are going out of stock. 

Browsing: Increase the likelihood of making a sale by locking onto the specific areas customers are browsing. Follow up with an email that highlights the top products from that category. Insert dynamic pictures that will immediately grab attention. 

Welcome Series: New subscribers should enter a welcome series to share information about your brand and the type of products to expect. Also, include emails that nurture the lead by offering free information. It could be about how to use your products or industry-related news. Building trust with customers before closing the sale yields a higher conversion rate. 

These are just a few of the most common behavior response emails. Want to find out more? Then do some research by investigating what competitors in your industry are doing. Browse their websites and act like a real buyer. Make sure to register for emails, and keep an eye out for what lands in your inbox. It is an effective reverse engineering strategy of the industry leaders. 

2. Personalization Leads to More Sales

Powerful marketing platforms have the functionality to gather customer data, which is integrated with your email templates. The software does the hard work of filling in the emails with relevant data to each recipient, which leads to a higher conversion rate. 

Are you wondering how you can add automated personalization to an email? Here are the most commonly used strategies that go beyond the name:

Dynamic product images: as mentioned previously, adding relevant images to an email will grab the recipient’s attention. Imagine if you have spent a few days looking for a new 4K TV, and in your inbox lands an email with images of the best models? You will instantly want to know more about what is on offer. 

Ask the right questions: In the subject line and email body, it is good to ask questions. For example, if you are selling fitness products, you might ask, “are you struggling to lose belly fat?” or “are you struggling to grow muscle?”. Each question speaks to a different type of buyer. Asking the correct questions increases the likelihood that the reader will connect with the email. 

Customer persona: You could create a fictional character that highlights the customer persona you are targeting. Include the problems, resources, and circumstances of the fictional character and match the recipient. 

Coming up with creative ways to increase the personalization of emails is a scalable strategy because it is automated. Once the email template and data gathering tools are in place, emails will be sent automatically. 

You should constantly test and improve personalization to ensure customers do not get bored. Even the best marketing strategies can become less effective over time as customers become desensitized. 

3. With Email Automation, the Sales Team Has More Freedom

Email automation handles repetitive and boring tasks that the average sales team member will not enjoy doing. They are considered low-level tasks that do not utilize your sales team to its full potential. Using automation techniques to lighten the burden means your team can get on with higher-level tasks that bring more money for the business. 

Shifting the focus on creative tasks means employees will feel more passionate about the work they do. More enthusiasm ensures they will want to find new strategies to help your business grow. 

However, adding automation means you will need to develop and implement new systems. It includes adding CRM and marketing software that can gather customer data for automation to be possible. Employees will need to adapt to the new technologies so they can be part of the growth. 

4. Fewer Errors

Automation ensures that there is a lower chance of errors. Humans naturally make mistakes when having to type, but customers would not be sympathetic. If they notice their name misspelled, then it reflects poorly on your business. 

Automation strategies provide consistency and accuracy no matter how big your subscriber list becomes. Computers do not make simple errors if the system is set up correctly. They are reliable and provide consistency.

However, you are not off the hook completely because things can still go wrong. For example, you may segment the subscriber list incorrectly and send a batch of emails with the wrong buyer persona. The point is that automation leads to fewer errors, but you are not invincible from them. 

5. Nurture Your Prospects with Email Automation

Email automation means you can create an email once, and it is sent to an infinite number of subscribers. Therefore, it is a great idea to create a nurture email series that is hundreds of emails long– the ROI of writing this email series is huge. 

Here are a few suggestions from what top eCommerce brands use:

How to tutorials: Customers may need help figuring out how to use your products if they are not self-explanatory. Create emails with step-by-step information, or include a video that shows how to use a product correctly. 

Useful tips: Share useful information about anything related to your niche. Think about the problem customers are trying to solve and offer helpful content. Good quality information positions your brand as an authority in your field. Therefore, you will be top-of-mind when they are actively looking to buy. 

News: Be the source of industry-related information and inform recipients of the most up-to-date news. It could be about developing technologies, new regulations, or upcoming products. 

An email nurture series builds trust with customers and provides them value. If they receive valuable help, they will naturally want to reward your brand with a sale. To get ideas for creating an email nurture email series, consider subscribing to your competitors. Use what you find for inspiration to create an email series of your own. 

Final Thoughts

Email automation is a no-brainer for boosting sales, and it is required to compete in the modern online marketplace. It will decrease errors, allow for customer nurturing, gives your sales team freedom, and allows for scalable personalization. 

It is more important now than ever before to capture visitor emails. Through a combination of landing pages, new subscriber offers, and loyalty programs, you can increase your chances of capturing emails. So what are you waiting for? Start adding these email marketing automation strategies and watch your business grow.

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