5 Productivity Boosting Traits of Project Management Software

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So what are the top productivity-boosting features of project management software? Let us find out! Read On!

Whether you own a brand or a small business, having a channel for managing projects is essential. Project management is no luxury in this day and age. Instead, it has become a necessity to succeed in whatever you do. Back in the day, people managed projects all independently, from a simple task to the most complex one. But gladly, it is not the case anymore cause modern tech has got us covered. All thanks to the project management software!

Companies use project management software to manage tasks and to complete a project within a particular timeframe. Project management software not only aids in saving time and boosts productivity. But having such software by your side can save a couple of bucks for you also. 

So if you face problems in your team projects or lack productivity, you should look for project management software. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss five productivity-boosting traits of project management software. So sit back and look through! 

Avoid Bottlenecks and Track Progress

Have you ever played chess? If you have, you must have an idea that your chances of winning increase if you think two or three steps ahead. Preventing bottlenecks while working on projects is identical to playing chess. While working on a project, you must anticipate what can go wrong. 

Further, you should also have a track of what the team members are doing. However, tracking varies with teams. Nevertheless, it is the management’s responsibility to filter the bottlenecks to keep the project going smoothly. 

So with the help of project management software, centralization of tasks becomes possible. In this way, you can analyze how productive your team is. Also, you can have an overview of each team member’s timeline. 

Digital Proofing and Deliverables Available Online

The feedback receiving process becomes convenient with project management software. The process should be as simple as uploading the draft and sending it to the client simultaneously, then waiting for the response. It will get much better when working with your client seamlessly, with necessary changes happening quickly.

In this way, Your client will appreciate not having to wait for the deliverable. And you will enjoy improved productivity.

Further, to achieve simplicity, and effective digital proof management, develop a solution to assign and create tasks based on feedback and comments. 

Time-box in Project Management Software

If we talk about productivity tips of project management software, timeboxing tops the list. Yet, most people are not aware of this. 

With this technique, you can schedule and assign a fixed time to a task. 

It is a great feature to monitor the work timeline of team members throughout the day. Further, timeboxing also helps provide a visual breakdown of what you are likely to achieve in a workweek. 

In this way, it helps meet deadlines by prioritizing tasks. And it also serves as a work timeline record. 

Besides this, you should plan a break after every 90 minutes work session. If you push yourself to work above 90 minutes, it can impact your performance and rhythm negatively.

Make Conversation Inclusive and Transparent with Project Management Software

Email is one of the most significant tripping points of teamwork and project. 

Email becomes distracting for the team members and hinders their collaboration. It has been observed that employees, in general, spend 6.3 hours a day dealing with emails. However, this time can eliminate this by using PMS(project management software). 

PMS enables teams to organize chat streams in an intuitive way for transparent communication. Chat streams are inclusive and instant. It eliminates the need for unfruitful meetings that wastes time and hardly reach any outcome.

Further, you can also assign and create tasks within chat streams to make them actionable. By establishing transparent communication, your team members feel that their opinion is heard. And they will understand the common goal more efficiently. 

Do you know that happy employees are 20% more productive? Well, now you do. 

So if you want to increase the productivity of your employees, then make communication transparent with PMS.

Integration with CRM

No matter which size your business is, CRM software is helpful by all means.

Having efficient software like CRM is a relief. If you are not using a CRM service in this day and age, you live in the past. 

The good news is that the project management software comes with a built-in CRM module. It means that you can improve your customer relations while integrating a third-party solution at the same time.

If you know the importance of CRM software, then you can understand what it means to have it within the platform.

In short, you can get the best of both worlds by opting for a project management software that offers both.

So that is why integration with CRM is one of the best features of PMS.

Final Thoughts

The Project management software can boost the productivity of companies by assisting the business process in diverse sectors.

It can help with task management, report generation, time management, business partnership, budget management, etc. 

However, if your team is not good, no software or tool can help your business grow. But if you have an excellent team with impeccable qualities, then PMS would be cheery on top. So what are you waiting for? Invest in an efficient PMS today.

We hope that this blog has served your purpose.

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