5 Gamification Marketing Ideas To Implement

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What is gamification marketing? How is it helpful?

Do you know that the average attention span of people is about 7-8 seconds? Should it not mean something to you, especially when it comes to your business’s marketing strategy?

Well, we have a way through which you can grab the attention of your audience. How exactly? By leveraging gamification!

But Wait! What is Gamification Marketing? 

Gamification marketing is put into practice by companies to increase engagement levels. It involves incorporating fun elements related to gaming into a non-gaming context to persuade users to take specific actions. In the world of business, the concept of gamification marketing is not alien. 

Now the question arises that what are the gamification marketing ideas to implement? There is nothing to worry about because we have researched and listed five gamification marketing ideas for you. So what is the wait? Jump In and Read On!

Make Onboarding Convenient

It would be best if you focused on establishing a loop where your users can make the most out of your product, for starters. By doing this, you can familiarize users with your product. And how can you achieve it? Yes, you guessed it right. By introducing gamification!

Begin with putting together a list of prepopulated things that a user is likely to do with your product. For instance, you can use a gamified productivity application called Habitica. Based on your preferences, Habitica allows you to make a list of habits and tasks. It also gives rewards upon completion of the tasks. 

There is another app named “Product Hunt” that you can benefit from. If you get successful in completing a series of tasks, Product Hunt enables you to become a contributor. 

Introduce Badges

Badges are one of the most famous gaming elements that companies use worldwide. Though badges are usually considered ineffective due to overuse, a well-conceived badge winning system can prove otherwise. 

Do people not feel good having a cheat meal after a week of following a strict diet? Of course, they do! So earning a badge feels pretty much the same cause you strive to achieve it.  

Further, a good badge earning system must show progress. Doing this will make badges look like something worth striving for. For instance, take the example of Google Maps. Google Maps offers several badges to its guides like Photographer, Fact Finder, Reviewer, TrailBlazer, etc. Based on your participation in terms of photos, reviews, and ratings, you can achieve statuses. 

Award Points

A sense of community sometimes means more than money. And who does not love to be acknowledged by others? 

Getting recognized increases the happiness quotient. It creates an instant gratification loop where you are likely to get a positive response for your attitude. That is the reason why awarding points is essential. 

Many Question/Answer(Q/A) based sites seem to thrive on this very idea of rewarding points to their users for their contributions. Reddit and Quora are the two prime examples. On Quora, users post questions and answers. And in response, they get upvotes and downvotes from fellow users. Likewise, on Reddit, they have karma points. However, on Reddit, you can also get a premium membership which has its perks.

But if you find it difficult at this stage of your business to build a community, try distributing points(which can be redeemed later) among your users upon completing specific tasks. 

In short, the whole idea of rewarding points is vital for gamification marketing.

Pat on the Back Games

What is better than giving a pat on the back for getting a specific job done? If you want to motivate your users, you should make use of pat of the back games. In this game, your employees and managers all should participate. And companies should conduct it once a week. 

In the game, every player will have to pat someone on the back and mention the reason. After playing several rounds, the winner should be awarded to who has the most pats on the back.

However, you should ensure that your top employees are not the only ones being recognized every time. 

Offer Tangible Rewards

What would gamification offline look like? What are the tangible rewards that a business or company can offer?

We know that appreciation makes people happy. And people tend to perform even better or engage on a higher level when their efforts are recognized. 

Have you ever received a handwritten thank you note? If you have, then you can understand the personal touch these kinds of appreciation notes contain. Just because of the one-to-one feel they carry, handwritten notes can never go out of fashion. That is why many firms, to date, distribute thank you notes among their clients and employees.

Along the same lines, many software companies and websites conduct a bug bounty program. In such programs, users report bugs or deficiencies in a company’s product or software. And receive rewards for doing so. These rewards can be in the form of cash prizes, electronic devices like mobile phones, etc. 

So what is the advantage of this form of gamification? Well, it is essential as it helps businesses to build a one-on-one relationship with customers. And it also aids in boosting customer loyalty.

Bottom Line

If you want to drive massive engagement for your business, you have to select the best gamification marketing strategy for your business. Copying the same procedures other companies are implementing may not help you.

So you should conduct your research first and come up with the appropriate strategy for your type of business. 

We hope that this blog has served your purpose efficiently. And have provided you helpful information. So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these ideas now!

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