5 Digital Marketing Trends To Look for in 2021

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As we leave behind our sweet and sour memories of 2020, we drift into 2021 with new energy and new business goals to achieve. COVID has changed how every business sector operates. The Work From Home culture seemed a distant reality a couple of years ago. But, today, every major and minor brand is embracing it. Just like that, digital marketing has also evolved, and what is trending in digital marketing in 2021? Nobody thought of these a few years ago.

Without further a due, we bring you the digital marketing trends to follow in 2021

Voice search

There is a significant rise in voice search stats. All in all, this is an emerging trend. More than half of smartphone users utilized the voice search in 2020. The number is likely to increase in 2021.

How to Optimize Website Content for Voice Search?

Long-tail keywords

Voice searches are generally naturally styled language words, and they are long-tail. For example, “How is the weather in Florida today?” – This is a straightforward, simple voice search phrase that people use today. However, the busy minds who always have tasks at hand try to skip the chewy words and ask, “weather in Florida today.” The previous sentence has six words. And, the newer one has 4 words. You can even make it shorter. How short can it be? Well, people can also say, “Weather Florida Today.” That is three words. The three-word version is usually what people type in the search bar. And, the longer versions are for voice search.

Just ask yourself how you would do a voice search. Mostly the voice searches are in question form. Adapt to this trend and optimize your website content for long-trial keywords and question-form phrases to stay relevant in the market.

Going local – the “Near Me” phrase.

Restaurants near me, petrol pump near me, car mechanic near me, eye specialist near me, the phrases are endless. You might also have tried any of these or more. Do not underestimate the power of local search results. The ‘near me’ phrase signifies that people are searching locally. Your local directory submissions will play a major role here.

Here is The List of Top 50 Local Business Directories by HubSpot. Set the defined area of your services, so you can come up in the search results, especially in that area for better conversion. Setting a defined area helps your business show up in the near me results.

Multichannel Influencer Marketing

Cosmetics, tech gadgets, daily use tools, apparel, online courses, accessories, and whatnot. All the business sectors have tried their hands on influencer marketing and got their share of success. As more channels such as TikTok are coming u, users care about creating new content every day. There is a lot of scope in social media influencer marketing. Use these 7 tools to find the best social media influencers as per your business genre.

Some Striking Video Content Facts

  • 72 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every second.
  • Nearly 87% of online marketers use video content. You can estimate the investment made.
  • Over 500 million people watch a video on Facebook every day.

You know what this suggests, right? It tells that people are spending time watching videos on social media. So, why not target the customers there through influencers? The social media influencers create video content and promote your brand/company.

With influencer marketing, two new trends add up – Video Content Marketing and User-generated content. Include these in your 2021 marketing strategy.

Marketing Automation

If you want your marketers to win the battles, then equip them with the best artillery out there. For marketers, their choice of weapon is marketing automation software—this software ease marketing tasks.

Automating in social media post scheduling, email marketing, and marketing campaigns marketing automation is everywhere to help talented marketers forecast the next steps. Using these tools, you can navigate your budget in the right direction. So, on one side, these tools generate sales, and on the other, they also save your money. Overall, marketing automation software haves a positive impact. 4/5 marketers increased their leads using marketing automation software. Is not that what you also want – increased leads?

Customer Experience

Yes, that might look strange, but it is true. Customer experience is essential to retain present customers and get morePeoplele directly connected to brands’ social media handley easily tag the brand when they have a poor experience with the brand. Even HubSpot forecasted it and gave equal importance to it in its Flywheel method of growth. A simple logic- If they love your services, they will refer you to more customers. Word-of-Mouth marketing revolves around a good customer experience, whether online or offline. Google has been updating its algorithms to improve the search experience of the users. Website owners and marketers have to align their websites and content to give a better user experience.

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